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by Owen Far © 2020

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Chapter 1

Searching for time

We are always challenged to do something of our own. In this chapter, I want to show you techniques that will help propel you towards finding the right time and path, and explain why this is important. Finally, we will have a look at one method that could encourage you to get started today.

Chapter 2

Developing for the Web

Before we explore the web development roles, languages, & methodologies, I will introduce you to the Internet world: What is it? How does it work? What is a web server? Why do we need a web browser? I want you to understand the basics of web development. This will help you become more confident in choosing the right web technologies.

Chapter 3

Installing the right tools

In this chapter, we will have a look at all the necessary tools & stacks used by professional web developers today. I will also share some techniques that will help you speed up your development process. From using DevTools to installing the right code-editor, setting up a localhost server, versioning control, CSS extensions, compilers and more.

Chapter 4

Setting up a strategic workflow

Setting up the right workflow is very crucial to reach the best productive outcome, and to easily continue updating your development files. Where should you start from? How do you properly maintain your code? Which are the best strategies to use? This chapter will show you how to keep your code maintainable, adaptable, and future-proof.

Chapter 5

Launching your first web product

In the last chapter, we will have a look at how you should prepare your code so that it is ready to be shipped. We will discuss how a website is launched, and the steps we take to maintain an online version of the site on our hosting service. You will have a clearer understanding of what it means to develop and dive inside the World Wide Web.


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Access all the treasured resources that took me years to find and collect


Quickly learn the right tactics and get started with web development


Learn which languages to use for web development and how to set up the required programs


Learn how to turn your ideas into successful web products that people will want to use


Get up to speed with choosing the right web technologies, methods, and coding techniques


Gain broad knowledge about what is required to become a professional web developer


Learn the crucial secrets that many web developers keep for themselves

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David Larson

Founder & CEO

If you’re looking for a comprehensive overview on how professional web developers build and launch successful web products - no need to look further. This book is for you.

Reviewer profile picture

Kathy Mayes

Front-end Expert

Owen simplifies everything into an easy to follow guide […] neatly packaged in one simple and knowledge-full book.

Reviewer profile picture

Jerry Kaiser

Product Strategist

If you're just getting started, this book is definitely worth your time (and money). Packed full of hard-to-find strategies, tips and useful techniques in every single page!

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What's in the book + resources package?

Tutorials & guides: Installation of GIT and the most common commands, techniques, and the modern workflow used in many companies. Setup and installation of the most common tasks we use in task-runners. Comprehensive performance checklist. Chrome installation & guides + tips on using DevTools. VS Code installation and usage (including a handy list of the best extensions to install). Code bundles & snippets: Configuration files (Git, task-runners, CSS reset), development files and more. Templates & boilerplates: Basic modern development structure, common code templates and boilerplates to speed-up your development process, and quickly get you started. Contact me here if you have any further questions.

Can I upgrade my package?

Yes, definitely! If you purchased one of the lower tiered packages, you can upgrade to another package minus the original price from the package you already own. You can get this offer by sending me a reply to the email you received when you purchased the eBook, or by contacting me here.

Will I get free updates?

Yes! Buy the book once and get free future book revisions and resource updates. Once a new version of the book is available, I will inform you via email so that you can download the latest version for free.

Will I get an audio version?

Yes, an audio version of the book will be released in the next couple of months and will be available as a free download for those who purchase the book.

Which formats will I receive?

The book is available in PDF format. Both .MOBI and ePub formats will be released in the next couple of months and will be available as a free download for those who purchase the book.

Will I learn how to build from scratch?

Yes. The whole book is written so that you can build products from the ground up, without the use of any frameworks, platforms, or libraries. We will still explore the grounds of using such services, but everything else is based upon using the core languages and services that make the Internet and the Web platform possible today. This book can also be used as a guide to build & launch frameworks of your own.

What's in the complete package?

With the complete package, you will also be getting invaluable support from me (and other professional developers), so that you always have an expert at your side ready to answer any of your critical questions, and a guide to help you deliver a successful product from start to launch. You can ask me anything so that you make sure you’re taking the right decisions forward. Contact me here if you have any further questions.

Which payment gateway do you use?

The payment is securely processed through PayPal. If you prefer to use something else, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will do what I can to help you get the book and start reading.

What about money back guarantee?

Sure. Let me know within 7-days why you think the book wasn't right for you, and I will refund your purchase - at no extra costs. You'll get all your money back 100% guaranteed.

Is this book for beginners?

Yes and no. The ultimate goal of this book is to teach you everything you’ll need to know to get started and build professional web products. Advanced users can benefit from the extensive research and experience on what's required to custom build successful web -products, -services, or -apps. Beginners will be able to truly grasp the idea of what's required to build such platforms. Only basic computer knowledge is required to understand the book.

Will I learn how to code?

This book is not focused on coding. There's a ton of free online tutorials, courses, and websites that already do a great job at teaching you how to code. Throughout this book, I will be helping you to understand how the Internet works and how you can make the best use of its underlying technologies so that you can master web development and build sustainable web products. Read the sample to learn more.


A word from the author

I believe that the future of the Internet is underrated and most of us are blind from the hundreds of potential jobs it already provides. I want to teach you everything I have learned during the past decade of living in the world of Web development. After so many years of experience in this area of work, I found methods that heavily improved my coding techniques. I became comfortable with focusing on both my life and what I loved doing the most - creating for the Web. I want to show you all the little secrets and best tactics I have learned along the way.

As the Internet keeps growing, so are the available building tools, libraries, coding techniques, and the continuous advancements and improvements of Web technologies and methodologies. Reading all about these on the Internet can put you in an infinite state of doubt. I want to place you immediately in the right direction. No more time wasted searching for the best approach to begin developing. Start building your web product and rest assured you are doing it the right way!

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Technical details

Release date 30th January 2019
Edition 1st edition
Format eBook (PDF)
Length 250 Pages (~60,000w)
Language English
Publisher Self-published